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The Race

As someone pointed out; convenience trumps privacy, morality and good judgment for too many of us–the internet has made things faster, and faster has become faster, and faster has become the point. But whatever place you’re going, at breakneck speed, the one that requires shortcuts, hustle and compromises… What will happen when you get there? Advertisements

Walking in Varanasi

– All say i have gone on my mother, slanting slope with a dead end like nose, high cheekbones, eyes watching from a socket, paler complexion. Today when i lied beside her listening, i saw a few lines sketched around her lips, tight forehead, intense she looked, and looked old. I leave for Kashmir the day after for a month and wanted to post this write-up which i wrote six months ago on the ghats of Benaras. I am drunk tonight. … Holi city, indeed Crowded by boredom Of new and the old Japanese is written on the walls, Telugu, Gujrati, Hindi, Marwari and deity of the falling doll, Walls are tall as lanes are narrow concluding steps Going towards the flow Ganga looks like one today The sun is shining on the polluted dark A bark flows with the river, with a free body, swelled liked a shapeless balloon Him, crows are murdering more. But the noon is calmer here, they say, river trudges up from there background chantings and prayers from sound systems …

A letter from Bengal

State Highway number 9 Silda Football ground, West Bengal Sharing this letter i wrote to a dear friend while i was away. -. Rain was never far behind. This happened to be the highlight of my journey. I knew it ended right there with this photograph. I realized home is calling. Travels have not been too comfortable but its liberating to learn that i could come to west bengal at this time as the rains don’t have much time to move ahead or to stop, Fields are just too green everywhere, and roads connecting villages are too red, pond’s are just too filled, and women and young girls in them, makes me feel at times, its worthless to get educated and get conscious of your own being. The only thing one has to learn is the language of the world that has no word in it. And yes the cows, ducks, hen and chickens and the goats, they are in plenty lazing around, sleeping, staring, fearing, grazing, walking, running on road and off it. This …