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Time, father

Taking half rest while on a small walk on the Ross Island in the Andmans.


Almost Empty

Dawn 2 New Delhi Is it true that good days pass fast or even boring days sprint by too? And what about the rainy ones if it is only raining all day ? When the weeping of the clouds has taken the better out of you, amongst the buildings that only deal with touching the clouds. Like the society in front of mine is “Cloud 9”. And mine is “Angel Mercury”. And they are serious people! What would a boring day look like in the life of a modern Yogi? Too much comfort? Availability of Gadgets! No one talks of electricity anymore! Yog is an art and yoga is the union. Let me write fast because I have eaten rather lazily by the end of tonight when I had thought of skipping it. Ma cooked something irresistible. And when one is rarely at home, smells such a delicacy from the god’s hand herself. I would rather not eat for whole tomorrow than now. Tomorrow is the weekly fast day. This fast, though I have been …