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Sleeping in the Jungle

Its night. Tonight I am the only person left on this hill. From my hut the jungle starts. After many leafless apple trees. I live in the farthest hut amongst three. The third one. It’s partially pink and other room is wood. The room is a closed wooden mountain balcony. Surely a bear might not be able to break the door and come. I heard in the noon. Somebody saw two bear cubs nearby. The wooden room has a pillow swing, but it doesn’t swing. Finally the Israelis left today. They lived here for 6 months. I shouldn’t say more. The nights are cold. The day was sunny. Some men have been slowly slaughtering trees for past few days. I hear their machine daily. Pluto arrived with potata, she is a beautiful mountain bitch. Follows Pluto like a shadow of a queen. She gave birth to nine pups last week. Later Pluto took me to the thukpa shop. I ordered momos too. Thukpa was water with 10 indian chic peas and noodles minus joy. Meanwhile …

In Omni to Hanley

When young, drive Omni. To zojila, to Leh, to Hanle, to tso moreri, to i don’t know what pass that came after hundred’s of horses ran to take left, we took towards sky- a concrete river bed on top of a conical mountain which went all afternoon. Many called it a road. Through a broken bridge, through the ditches connecting another ditch on the Yoga day. While laughing at others. While laughing atourselves. While stopping before every loop to the mountain up. The dancing carrier. The nostalgia of the petrol fumes over six days. As every bicycle left us behind. Our omni made it across the Rohtang. But always carry two people to push it through. We needed many only once. On the road with Omni | July 15.