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The Chain

Cambodia has started to settle inside. It is hot. It is winters. Busy. Open. Moving slowly moving. Women are seen carrying diverse forms in small ranges. Many have come out of their regions. Smiling. Warm. Seim Reap. Cambodians have a strong family sense. Rafael is a good man. He is divorced. I met a woman cycling and then we cycled together to the river. She is going through her divorce too. Ben with whom I played ping pong yesterday sat in gloom. It was a hugh dip in energy from last night. I walked up to him just like that to say hi. He was in the English Navy. He told me he had never gone to India but assured me that he thinks he spent three months under ground in Indian Ocean not far from India. Then one day he got hit by Psoriasis Vulgaris and boom ! Boom !Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. I could not sit, I could not sleep,.I started looking ugly as hell, fat, cannot walk 100 metres guy from being the most active person. I was doing what I wanted to. took the smart route, thought out ofothe box. I was going at a speed, everything was great and then boom ! I could not remain even myself. And nothing remained in my control.

Ben gave me a number of his close friend who is a tour guide.

I haven’t eaten cooked food for two days now.

Last day at the red bed built like coloumn here. Lights are out. Tomorrow will be all of us meeting together for the first time. Workshop starts tomorrow.


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