Circus of Life, Leaf, On The Road
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Sleeping in the Jungle

Its night. Tonight I am the only person left on this hill. From my hut the jungle starts. After many leafless apple trees. I live in the farthest hut amongst three. The third one. It’s partially pink and other room is wood. The room is a closed wooden mountain balcony. Surely a bear might not be able to break the door and come. I heard in the noon. Somebody saw two bear cubs nearby. The wooden room has a pillow swing, but it doesn’t swing. Finally the Israelis left today. They lived here for 6 months. I shouldn’t say more.

The nights are cold. The day was sunny. Some men have been slowly slaughtering trees for past few days. I hear their machine daily. Pluto arrived with potata, she is a beautiful mountain bitch. Follows Pluto like a shadow of a queen. She gave birth to nine pups last week. Later Pluto took me to the thukpa shop. I ordered momos too. Thukpa was water with 10 indian chic peas and noodles minus joy. Meanwhile Kaalu came in the night. His soocter had a neon headlight.

We walked up the mountain along with a stream. Cold wind blew and leaves kept falling for a long time. Leave falls in autumn! Pluto sighed from behind.

When you are in your perceptible peace or low. Listen to UG Krishnamurthy. A lone dog is barking far. The chameleon couple that lives above my balcony seems happy. Amongst them one is mildly screaming. Both run as I hear them in this godforsaken hour. Their feet in rhythm like running on a wooden drum.


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