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What is being Yogi ?

Yog is to unite. Yoga is union. I will not talk about the yog sutras here today. I will talk in lay man terms as I have experienced it.

If we straight away go into the essence of being Yogi, then it would be to align your body with time. Understanding time can be a complex zone. But each spirit has its own understanding with time. And if we can distribute a word like time into twenty four hours; one day at a time then it gets easier as it gets interesting. Biding the time. Learning to spend not just each hour but each breath in awareness. Awareness of not just of being alive but of a more important aspect. Food.

How can we describe food? What sun is to plants, food is to humans. Food is as much sun. The only visible god. The energy. Prana Shakti. What you eat will determine the longevity of your strength not just of your body, but also of your senses. All 10. And very slowly it will determine the strength of ones spirit. Anything that we consume becomes our spirit. I will not go into details about food and types of bodies or dosha in this post.

The most beautiful things in life work and are found in silence. So should working of our stomach be. It is the home where Shakti resides. Feed her respectfully.

That is how Yog arrived in me. It took only alignment of understanding the body from inside. That is how I imagine the first and the foundation of becoming a yogi starts, by understanding ones relation with food.

To cut the story short and before I end here today.

I will not tell you to east less. It is your journey and you all will know yourself when and what you need.

Avoid these four foods with grit and resolve however weak it may be at the start.

Maida/White flour

Why? Well, Thats for a new page story!


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