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Buffalo and the Doctor

Father was speaking after a long time. He sat in front of me. His eyes were kind of sad but when he spoke, they spoke of a nostalgia that had come after a years of living in a city.
Once one of our water buffalo had fallen sick, he started narrating. She had stopped eating. The doctor was five miles away. Being the youngest probably, I was asked to go to the village five miles away and get the doctor, I went and got the doctor on my cycle. He immediately saw her and prepared the local medicine. It was on the burner. He asked me to give buffalo the medicine once it gets to a normal temperature. For animals there used to come funnels. One can put that in their mouth to let the liquid medicine pass. We tried to place it in her mouth but she refused and after some struggle, suddenly she gave up and fell on her right side, not moving.
My father ran towards the doctor again who hasd’nt gone far. He found him sitting amongst people talking. In those days there used to be strict codes of conduct. A young person was not supposed to stand towards the head of the cot, if an elderly has occupied that space. But my father had to convey the news. He circled the group twice trying to sneak in to get his attention and when he finally reached he told him that buffalo is and finally reaching. He went near to the doctor’s ear and told him that buffalo has gone unconscious. Please come. The doctor then looking at me, very calmly said, no she is not unconscious. She is dead. My father was surprised by his answer. How do you know that? The doctor said, you encircled first and then coming towards the head of the cot is simply inauspicious.

While the doctor still started walking towards the dead buffalo. He started narrating a mythical story. Probably that is how and why I remember it till now and I am narrating to you. In Ramayana, when Ravana was down, and breathing heavily. Rama asked Laksmana to go to Ravana and ask for his knowledge, as he was the greatest of brahman kings and worshipper of shiva. Laksmana went and stood towards the head of Ravana. He asked him several times but Ravana kept quiet. On reaching back to Rama, Laksmana told his brother that Ravana, though on his death bed is filled with ego and arrogance. Upon asking where were you standing, Laksmana realised his mistake.


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