Month: August 2018

Time, father

Taking half rest while on a small walk on the Ross Island in the Andmans.


A Bright Time

Facebook are going place to place as many satellites around earth as needed to make internet reach to all the third world countries. That is  around over four billion new people.

Whatever Blinks, dies.

Dawn 6 25-26 August 18 12:50 AM Delhi A Pillar is there. She. A god can be either. It has been there ever since Dakshina Kashi happened. I slide curtain from my seventeenth floor to see rain. There is no rain. But its dark. Not dark of the night, clouds. They are going to be there for next six days. It was a strange day, filled with particles in the air and motion. Breaths aren’t deep. Food is untimely. Months end is taking some time to be stable. Rakshabandhan came. My father’s sister was here. Her face swollen with emotion. I had seen here three and heard several times this year. This year she lost her son. He was drunk when he died. And lost her husband few months after. Roberto Calasso’s work was new to me a week ago. But his writing made me dive. not just into the depths of myth. But Personally his narration has been a revelation. The way he skated past through stories like yesterday’s history taking big leaps yet …

Dawn Five

Dawn 5 25-26 Aug 18 1:10 AM This blog is giving me so many options that I don’t need them all. I have kind of surrendered in. I do not want to explore all what I can do. I just want to write and post each night simply without images if I may, each I night till I die some morning, noon or night. Evening I fine too. Last few days have been heavy. Right after meeting Lee and having super heavy Dosa, I have kept having less but all ghee(clarified butter) enriched food. Its loveable of course but learnt a very important way of having ghee. If one wants to have a good lubricated joints over a span of a life time then have ghee few minutes before having food. It will not only help in digestion but will give let the intestinal path lubricated enough for the food to pass faster. Day was dull. I am about to finish Roberto Calasso’s Ka. It’s an informative read. At last the results are out and …


It is very late to write an entry. It will be clumsy. It will be short I hope. My eyes are more closed than open, but not blinking often. Today was a happy day. I read and read a lot. I am still going on with my shifting in the new room, above school. The room is yellow and it is ready. There are around 120 different plants showering green above me. As I was going through Robert Calasso’s novel, a body texted me congratulating for getting through the Angkor watt Photo Festival. Happiness did run on a surface. I had thought about it for four years and it became possible today. Also this will be my first journey outside India towards the South-east. It will be important from now on to study the nation well before. Also I would like to reach earlier and stay longer to celebrate 2019 in a new country. Tomorrow. will be leaving for village to meet my grandfather. In all these years going to village has become monotonous. I …

Bird Man of Kashmir

Even though Rasool’s favorite rooster died of old age but his death wasn’t natural. The biggest virtue just before death he could acquire was patience. Yet he remained curious as a crow. He was a fighter cock and the last fight he will be remembered for was with the biggest cat who would swim every crossing Dal from the main road. She would come and eat the chickens. He injured her in the stomach but in fight lost one of his shoulders. In the following days, four other cocks came from a nearby farm and almost killed him. He was blinded in one eye and eventually lost all his confidence and started walking strangely due to the absence of an eye. But he will live through the summer and the moment he started looking like getting healthier. He was found upturned in lake one morning. Rasool had six sheeps, twelve ducks and six hen and their hundreds of children, and twelve swans.  The swans who were loved by all, and who had acquired many names …